Our Team is eclectic and multi talented, all of our staff have experience in working with adults and young people in a safe way, and aim to work to the highest standards. 

Françoise Emmins (RMN)                                                                

Director /

Group Facilitator                                                                                                                                                         

Registered Mental Health Nurse since 2005

Integrative Counsellor                                                           

CAMHS Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Registered Student Nurse Mentor

DJ/ Poet/ Artist


  • Clinical Nursing in Adult Acute Inpatient Mental Health Settings    
  • Clinical Nursing in CAMHS Acute and PICU Inpatient Settings         
  • Clinical Supervision of staff (Nursing and MDT)
  • Management in Acute and Community Settings
  • Crisis Resolution/ Prevention
  • Training/ Education/ Registered Mentor 


  • Healthcare settings
  • Documentation structures
  • Training Needs
  • Supervision Structures
  • Audit

Areas of Interest;

Counselling, Neuroscience, Psychology, History,

Psychiatry, CAMHS, Education, Science, Astronomy,

Health promotion.


Charanjit Kudhail/  Vader

Music Tutor / Group Facilitator


Specialist PRU/SEN education

International DJ

Qualified Music Tutor/ Teacher

Barcodes DVD


Music Tutor / Group Facilitator


DJ/Producer/ Artist

Former Rinse FM Academy Music Production Tutor

Eddie has Deejayed on Various Radio Stations