Universal Roots CIC offers a diverse range of services, examples of our work include:

Health Promotion and Education Classes, Self Esteem Groups, Self Development Classes, Creative Workshops, Professional Development in Health Care Initiatives, The Health Care Certificate, and Professional Consultation.


When was Universal Roots CIC Created?

The Universal Roots Community Interest Company (CIC) was established and incorporated on 16 July 2014 by the company Director Francoise Emmins. 

Francoise is a registered mental health nurse, with over 13 years experience in clinical practice and health care. She has been a qualified nurse for 10 years and practices as a clinical nurse specialist focussing on child and adolescent mental and physical well being.


Why was Universal Roots CIC created?

Universal Roots CIC is a Not for Profit Social Enterprise, founded to provide a number of formal and informal health education, health promotion, professional and self development services.

The company was established for the benefit of the people and professionals within the community with the aim of inspiring self development and positive social change. 

The Universal Roots ethos is that our society is interconnected, and by delivering these services we can plant seeds of thought, inspiration, hope and social change, by providing skills, knowledge and encouraging divergent thinking as well as social change projects within our groups


Where are services delivered?

Services are delivered in a variety of settings depending on the nature of the work. Universal Roots CIC aims to work flexibly across the community, offering satellite services, so it can be expected that workshops will run within schools, colleges, youth clubs, community locations, NHS facilities, local authority premises and private company premises.