The company is asset locked to the charity MIND and has clear pathways for reinvestment, as well as allocation of profits to additional services that will benefit the community, including a long term plan of continuous service development which will include counselling services in the future.  




How Does Universal Roots CIC Store and use my data?

The Company is registered with the Information Commission; the company requires a number of personal details in order to safely offer its services within the community professionally and accountably. Universal Roots CIC will only process your data for the purpose of delivering its services. All data will be processed in a safe private and confidential manner, within the scope of our confidentiality and safeguarding policies.  No data will be sold on to other companies or parties. Some data may be used to inform our reports and review our effectiveness.  


How can I access funding for other courses?

Funded places will be applied for with a clear aim of reaching young people and adults who are at risk of, or who are experiencing inequalities of any kind. There is no guaranty that a space will be available through funding, please enquire with Universal Roots directly via the contact section. 

Individuals interested in these courses are encouraged to discuss them with their parents, teachers, managers or coaches.

Workshops/ training and consultancy can be purchased privately, a price list is available on request. Visit our forms section, email or call us for a discussion.

How can I access funding for the Introduction to Health Care Course?

Funded places will be sought however there is no guarantee there will be spaces available, depending on availability and locality, if funding is not currently available in your area, please enquire with both Universal Roots CIC and your local Job Centre to see if funding can be made available. 

There are a number of organisations and charities that offer funding to those who meet the requirements, and individuals are encouraged to seek funding independently.

Health Care Assistants already in post may wish to review the RCN website or approach their employer who may be able to offer funding. 

The RCN bursary section is here:


By investing in us, purchasing our products and services, you will also be taking part in the social change process.