I have completed a lot of personal research over the last 13 years whilst practising and studying as a nurse. I had to search for answers and effective interventions, as I became increasingly  responsible for intervening in complex presentations through holistic care plans. Looking at the current evidence from some global academic scholars (such as T. Obenga), it is fast becoming clear that a number of historical western authority figures in psychology and psychiatry claiming authentic discovery of psychological theory, are in fact trumped when compared to the closely  linked ancient practices and theories which have been in existence for a long time, particularly those of ancient Africa.

With this kind of knowledge new paradigms start to form, because the depth of understanding is enhanced by taking into account the contextual rich antiquity and culture from which these ideas are formed. 

Many ancient societies were built on the concept of interconnectedness and interdependence. This concept reaches far into the universe when matter is seen in the context of a sea of atoms. The idea of connectedness is incredibly important for the human race, particularly within societies where people work together in order to achieve a survival and a quality of life. 

Incorporating creative expression through multiple forms into the care plans of young people has been a key part of my work with adolescents.  I use a combination of art, poetry, stories, imagery visualisations, meditations, mindfulness techniques, and music in the therapuetic process.

In Ancient Egypt music was thought to be used in 'sleep temples' where music's role was thought to aid the process of healing, within the mind, body and soul. The word was thought to be powerful, particularly 'seed sounds' that were thought to have 'causative', 'magical' or 'transformative' powers when spoken, and words were chosen selectively, in order to create sounds, from vibration/s that reflected thought forms and frequencies conducive of healing. So words with meaning, plus instrumental tones, organised into symbols, with cosmic, geometric, mathematical patterns, created sound 'waves', that were projected through 'music' into the mind and subsequently throughout the whole body. Music was thought to have the potential to induce new states of consciousness, new feelings and anatomical changes within the cells. Encouraging movement, expression, creativity and relief. All of which reduce the negative effects/ affects of disease.

The power of music is not a new phenomena and when we look at the content of today's music, the changes that have occurred in society as a result of the images and messages in this music, the increasing display of sexualisation, objectification, and the impact it is having on young people coming up, it becomes clear to see why Libraries like that in Alexandria, Egypt were a huge loss to society when they were burned down. After all knowledge is power.

Meditation, art, dance and stories are also weaved into the fabric of ancient Egypt and Africa. All of them are practices which were thought to be conducive of life, healing, recovery and reconnection with self after illness or trauma. 

Creativity is one of the essential keys that aids self discovery and self development. When used therapeutically creativity is a tool which can bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the unconscious mind through symbols. Creativity can unlock the mind, form new neural pathways, effect feelings, create alternative ways of thinking, reduce stress, and induce relaxation. It can be extremely useful in the role of health. Creativity can be anything you want it to be. It can also be incorporated into most things. Be creative everyday. 


Francoise Emmins - Universal Roots CIC